Sitene ekle


  • CaseyNeistat

    just incase you dont watch the entire video; I DID NOT PAY FOR THE GOLD WINGS (ONLY A JERK WOULD PAY $1K FOR SOMETHING LIKE THAT) the owner is a friend, totally nice guy, he let Sean and I come by and test them out.

  • You can sell ur poop now0001f602

  • For 1,000 Im eating the bones and all 0001f6020001f4af

  • Meanwhile in Africa

  • Gucci wings

  • These wings are by far the most stupid food i've ever seen. Not hating on the video , to be clear, just the idea of the wings.

  • Now he is gonna have golden shit 0001f602

  • $45 for 10 wings and $1000 for 50 wings and an Ace of spade bottle . They only ate ten .

  • I would acualy get 1gold chicken wing for 20$

  • How many people will actually purchase these wings?

  • I feel like Sean says his hot ones intro whenever he eats wings even if he's not on camera LOL

  • Sticky fingers!!!!

  • Why you always wear sunglasses ??

  • im jealous of the chicken, i want to be gold

  • 4:08

  • pooping gold..first world problems lol 0001f30e

  • Gold? They should've Collect it

  • I wouldn't eat that even it was for free.

  • Tell me this guy doesn’t look like the guy from cloudy with a chance of meatballs