i just miss him so much (not emotional)

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  • Published on Jul 13, 2018

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  • i just miss him so much (not emotional) etiketleri


  • Little did Elijah know that he was talking to the most legendary Youtuber of all time...

  • "just type in Casey its the first thing that pops up"... 0001f9d0


  • Other Youtubers would've titled this something like, "LIZA KOSHY RUINED MY LAPTOP!"

  • This was one of those Casey's classic vlogs

  • How can one hate Spring... especially in NYC :D

  • Bigger wheels on the Boosted. It makes the top end faster but it will hurt acceleration. It’s basically giving it higher gearing. Like starting out in a harder gear on a bike, or a higher gear in a car. Harder to get going but once you get going you can go faster.

  • Ill never forget the summer of 18' when Casey and Dan made daily vlogs everyday :')

  • Dan's BACK!!! 0001f64c0001f64c0001f64c

  • Hey what's your YouTube channel called?

  • liza koshy makes a brand to help save the Earth from plastic bottle pollution but wraps every cup in a plastic bag

  • Dan Dan Dan Dan Dan Dan DAN !!!!! 0001f496✨

  • Casey is the only person (besides athletes) who runs twice a day. :D

  • I somehow thought this was gonna be about your son

  • This had old Casey vlog vibes...

  • But it is emotional 0001f62d0001f62d0001f6020001f495 look at that red heart ... so much feeling 0001f602

  • I get it Casey -- got the run bug, too -- I think its the release of endorphins -- wait, it that the right word???

  • Kid didn’t know he was letting a YouTube legend

  • i wish i could force myself to like running as much as Casey does

  • So glad you got the package!