i was playing WoW, then found this...

Sitene ekle


  • The Elder God has shown himself. Welcome yourself into the mouth of madness, my friend.

  • Release the kraken?

  • "This is a faction war xpac, nothing to do with old gods" - N'zoth, 2018

  • Finally this isn't a clickbait.

  • going under water is scary enough , but finding something like that there...no thank you :D

  • Whelp, im never gonna go close to that thing XD underwater monsters freak me out

  • thank god this is not clickbait

  • *Player blows the horn*

  • You forgot something there, behind the alcohol tortollan vendor there is a little stone that teleports you to the isle of thunder.

  • World of warcraft? More like World of Lovecraft with my man cthulu chillin in the ocean...

  • There's another couple of old torts playing hearthstone underwater beneath the pier in Anyport.

  • Holy shit... Imagine if it lunged at you if you got too close, I would of alt+f4ed by headbutting the keyboard lmao

  • There's also a secret Tortollan town that's directly West of Atal'Dazar in Zuldazar under water. You'll see a Tortollan wedding, a school for small Tortollan children, etc.

  • "Undead Vrykul"

  • Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.

  • There's "the Whale Belly" in the middle of Kul'tiras. It's the same thing, a tortollan bar, with a half naked night elf female dancing with 2 half naked humans, + 2 female pandaren bar dancers and a drunken sea giant

  • Four turtles, a murloc, a skeleton and a female, that's obviously TMNT, Splinter, Shreder and April. I CANT BELIEVE NO ONE NOTICE THAT.

  • I'd like to be under the sea, in an octopus's garden.....:D

  • FFS the fact that N’Zoth has an appearance similar to a kraken doesn’t mean every hidden kraken has to be him. There are few other krakens that have this model and also few that look even more like N’Zoth.