In The End (Official Video) - Linkin Park

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  • 2018 0001f1e70001f1f7

  • Linkin Park was a Band id always wanted to see... If i ever do get to see them, it wont be the same... Nobody can ever replace Chester. People Die, but their Legacy Lives On...

  • Siempre pongo esta cancion cuando alguien pone reggeton :)

  • 2019 coming soon

  • He sang like an angel

  • 2 0 1 8 quien la escucha ???

  • Still my fav LP song it's hard to watch this knowing Chester killed himself rip chester

  • Faz falta em 0001f5a40001f625

  • Essa música é muito boa

  • Legends never die!

  • In the End

  • like si extrañas a chester :¨v

  • Il miglior gruppo di sempre!!! E questa è la canzone migliore!!!

  • Still.... like the first time i heard the voice ....after all this time...☺0001f62f0001f6110001f6150001f6290001f622

  • R.I.P Chester ....

  • I never ever thought I would be here mourning Chester, life hits you hard when you see your once joy crumbling, gone and slowly taking away with it pieces that once made up your life.

  • Rest and peace i miss you so much 0001f62d0001f62d

  • Descanse em paz Chester 0001f6220001f62d0001f62b0001f6290001f62a0001f61e0001f6230001f6160001f6330001f44f0001f44f0001f44f0001f64f0001f64f0001f64f

  • It hit me hard when I found out about Chester. His voice, their music got me some of the darkest times in my life when I myself wanted to commit suicide. I remember playing this albums on repeat. Rest In Peace Chester. I hope you free of all the pain. ❤️