Inside Keanu Reeves' Custom Motorcycle Shop | WIRED

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  • I didn't even know Keanu did this. Just when I think that guy can't get any cooler. BAM!

  • How is he 53 years old? He looks 36.

  • I think his company is named after his stillborn daughter, whose middle name was Archer.

  • Keanu is hands-down the coolest guy in Hollywood.

  • Now that’s what I’m taking about. Would love to be on this level someday with our custom series. But we are just a baby for now. Haha Keep up the good work.

  • He looks very John Wick. He should be a guest on Norman Reedus' series " RIDE ".

  • Keanu Reeves is officially the coolest guy on the planet!

  • Those of you with money to spend... Invest in this company. They're on the cutting edge and will continue growing exponentially.

  • Its not just the bike.. Its the JOHN WICK bike ♥️

  • starting at 78 thousand...haaaaaa

  • The world is a better place with a happy Keanu Reeves

  • Am I the only one that think that if you want to see keanu smile everytime talk about motorbike?

  • keanu is a legend..

  • Amazing looking bikes !! You can see the passion that was put into these machines !! Wow !! Maybe someday .. the average working girl can afford one lol.. congrats to you guys on this company !!!

  • god i love seeing keanu reeves happy

  • I don't care about the bikes.. I came for keanu Reeves

  • Rich building for the rich

  • Nice bikes. Keanu is known for being one of those celebrities who is really a nice guy in the real world. Good luck to you.

  • this man is THE MAN

  • He looks extremely happy talking about his bike business. Glad to see it.