iPad mini car dash install in a 2010 VW CC, soundman float mount wireless @soundmanca

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  • Published on Nov 2, 2012

  • We install iPads - http://www.soundmanca.com Watch our reality show - http://www.youtube.com/soundmancaraudio Join - Learn how to install your iPad - http://www.caraudiofeed.com Soundman installs the new iPAd mini into the dash of Mr. Mat's a Volkswagom CC. The iPad mini clips into the dash bezel with the smart cover magnents (whch are built into the iPad).
  • iPad mini car dash install in a 2010 VW CC, soundman float mount wireless @soundmanca etiketleri


  • What about charging?

  • Do you know of anyone who does this in europe?

  • Should of made it with a built in charger port

  • Quisiera saber como se llama el aparato o bluetooth que le ponen a un mini ipad es que quiero ponerle uno a mi troca

  • Android is much better option as a car infotainment system

  • and its gonna carpet bomb your face in case of an accident

  • any kits for an 09 mitsu galant ?

  • how do u control ur volume in ur iPad?

  • any videos of how its wired up? operate it by stearring remote and have sound output ect

  • Damn that's skill.

  • You need to sale these kits !!

  • That's so cool. How much does it cost though, with out the iPad mini?

  • don't magnets erase memory looks nice

  • Do you guys sell an Android version?

  • I wanna do this to my vw passat is the factory head unit behind the mount

  • missed connections

  • Hi, I love your videos , I'm trying to learn all I can to build a bezel for a 2009 dodge ram 1500, for a galaxy tab, I'm not using any amps or big staff, my question is, if I get a small Bluetooth radio an put it behind the bezel, can I connect the tablet to the radio via Bluetooth to stream the sound of my music? Or what's your best suggestion? Thanks in advance. Keep up the good work.

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  • Fino!!! Quiero hacerle eso a mi golf mk6