iPhone X Revisited: Still Worth $1000?!

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  • Been using iPhone X for 5 months, it’s not bad, just wasn’t worth the $1k

  • It was never worth $1000

  • iPhone X 64GB: $999- "Too expensive, aint worth it."

  • for me personally, I felt iPhone 7 plus is enough in speed and technology. I also have this belief that whenever apple do a radical change in a device, or introduce a new line of product, I have to wait until its 2nd or 3rd version come out.

  • For 1000£ I expect

  • Would rather buy a used car

  • Every year buying a new iPhone is a addiction

  • 1000 buys a decent gaming pc

  • To answer your question Marques, Apple came out with a 1500 iPhone lol 0001f9260001f3fd‍♂️

  • It’s not made for poor people okay?

  • Wait , was it ever worth 1000?

  • Its seriously overpriced. Great phone, not worth 1000$. I miss the days when iPhones were in the 600 - 700$ price range, it seemed alot more reasonable. But then ever since the "plus" models came out they started bumping up the prices ever since

  • Got my IPhone X 2 weeks ago. Loved it, until the screen went unresponsive outta no where. I hard reset it about 50 times. Still no signs of it working. Went to AT&T and they gave me a new one. Hope it doesn’t break.

  • Fortnite says:


  • Intro beat is fire 0001f5250001f5250001f525

  • About to upgrade from my 7! Too excited!

  • Here's the thing, it's only worth it if you have the disposable income to justify the purchase. If you are someone living beyond their mean, then this is definitely not the phone for you. Personally, this is the greatest phone I have ever had in my life, and I can see it lasting way longer than any other phone I've had before. It's just as fast and as reliable as the first day I had it, and my hesitancy at the lack of home button and notch at the top has completely evaporated over the past 8 months of using it. I adore the fluid swipe features and the face recognition is possibly the best feature I have ever experienced on a phone. But this is coming from a guy that has unusually sweaty palms and could never manage to get the fingerprint scanner to work properly on my previous iPhones. Best phone purchase I have ever made, bar none.

  • when you go spend $1000 and you realise you need a apple tv $150 to smart view it to your tv 0001f62d0001f4a9

  • Samsung note 8, initial price $1000, one year later, resale price $500