Jim Carrey , Ashton Kutcher and Shia Labeouf Exposing the TRUTH !?

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  • There's always a seriousness in every "joke"

  • the music is loud, annoying and meaningless. I can't hear what's being said

  • kill that guitar - cant hear a thing

  • Why are they laughing at Jim Carrey? What he is saying is not funny, they are dumbing us down

  • Thats why Hollywood wont sign Jim Carreys new movies. He talks to much

  • A P 


  • Music ruined the video..

  • Those who are laughing are considered to be sheep and cattle. Jim Carey just straight told you it's true. And people are laughing like it's a joke. It's not. Wake up people.

  • Is the music supposed to distract from paying attention to the stars?

  • how are we supposed to hear what they are saying? the music is too loud.

  • I refuse to listen or subscribe when stupid music is louder tha talking. Music is unnecessary.

  • Makaveli in this, Killuminati / All through your body / That blows like a 12-gauge shotty, feel me

  • They were calling jim carey telling him to stfu!!!!

  • Can you turn the background music down so we can hear what the people are saying

  • Money can't buy happiness - 95% of people have forgotten, and our environment's paying the price...

  • What's that old saying...there is a grain of truth in every joke. I think Jim Carrey may have tried to "come out" for a time. I'm sure he was reeled back in and reprogrammed for real, though. I definitely know he is battling demons.

  • Can't hear shot with that awful chicken scratching going on

  • WOW 0001f633 I'm surprised Jim is still alive.

  • I can't hear this - please repost it without the music. Or turn it down. About 95%

  • Jim Carry is making fun of 'conspiracy theorists'. He calls them " luminutty". Don't think for a second that Jim Carry hasn't sold out.