Juice WRLD "Lucid Dreams (Forget Me)" (Official Audio)

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  • You can literally listen to this song as ASMR if you want to sleep.

  • the worst part of this song was

  • You can literally listen to this song if you want to sleep.

  • aye fr the arguing at the beginning of the song sound like my momma

  • You know what I need someone 0001f624

  • “Who knew evil girls had the prettiest face.”

  • I dedicate this to the boyfriend i don’t have.

  • August 2018???

  • This song hits too close to home for me.

  • This song is beast asf man 0001f44c0001f3fb0001f4af0001f525

  • here the replay button

  • When I first heard this song I literally looked out the window to see what ghetto rats were arguing in front of my house...

  • I still see your shadows in my room

  • I sometimes listen to this song while eating taco shells fully clothed in my bathtub.

  • i cannot change you so i must replace you

  • Been rockin with this since 50k views on elevator before it got deleted the first time

  • This song makes me want to be there for my therapist.

  • I wish I can bring her back in my arms one last time 0001f61e my princess... my everything

  • " You were my everything 0001f48d thoughts of a wedding ring 0001f4ab0001f5a4 "

  • #relatable