‘Karate Kid’ Sequel ‘Cobra Kai’ Reunites Ralph Macchio And William Zabka | TODAY

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  • I watched the first two episodes and they were great. 0001f44d0001f44c✌

  • I was expecting the worst but got the best.

  • This generation needs a Johnny.

  • I was skeptical about it at first. Had the original main characters not been in it I probably would have passed. But after watching the first two episodes I really want to watch this. I'm just not going to pay for a YTR subscription to do it. This needs to be on TV!

  • Binge-watched the entire season today...really enjoyed it.

  • The only show that made me convert to YouTube Red.

  • Why is that host on the left always scooted super close to whoever he's beside on tv? I've seen him do this on every single talk show he is on. Dude doesn't believe in personal space. Like give that woman some breathing room. I bet he is the type to take the urinal right beside you even though there's 10 available in the restroom lol.

  • Ralph is so adorable. Like from The Outsiders and then Karate Kid, I just can’t..

  • I was expecting the series to be cheesy and "direct to video" quality. Was really surprised how good it is. They nailed the right balance between nostalgia and the new modern chapter.

  • I signed up to YouTube Red only to watch the series. Worth every "trial month" penny.

  • My wife and I watched the whole season yesterday!

  • For God's sake please do not make us wait another 30 something years to do season 2

  • This series blows my mind. the perfect sequel to the original karate kid

  • I WOULD DEFINETLY sign up for cobra kai!

  • I felt they did such a great job with Cobra Kai. Really awesome stuff. 0001f49a0001f49a0001f49a

  • Macchio is an accomplished actor in movies and Broadway......Zabka was the surprise here in his acting at this level!! Its an "A"!!

  • I can't believe how good this was ,perfect 10

  • Didnt know ellen was in the new Karate kid show

  • just watched the whole season . its AWESOME !!! its a must watch.