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  • Published on Oct 16, 2009

  • WARNING: Language and Dark Imagery. This is a slideshow tribute to Russia at his scariest. Images: Axis Powers Hetalia. Art and Fanart from all over the internet. They are not mine. Song: King of the World- Porcelain and the Tramps


  • This song is PERFECT for Ivan~ 3

  • magic pipe of pain for dislikers

  • именно так выглядит Россия в глазах иностранцев. Мы очень дружный и миролюбивый народ. Очень печально, что о нас такое мнение...

  • End of song: "Bow. To. ME.".....

  • A Lott of Russians are offended by this but this is true(that Russia has a split personality). Take Putin for example. He acts all innocent and cute, laughs, makes jokes when in reality he made Obama shiver and be all quiet in a meeting(if anyone still remembers that), put him in a bad mood, while smiling the whole meeting.

  • This song, i heard it a while ago, ad i immediately fell n love with it! Awesome video! It fits Russia perfectly! Even though it  is totally normal to have a metal pipe and a very dark purple aura around you when your mad!

  • Gotta love Ivan at all his moments, cute or yandere.

  • Многие кто к нам приходил были убиты 

  • Предупреждаю сразу - Хеталию я не смотрел!

  • Японцы думают, что в России всегда зима, надо будет сказать им как-нибудь, что у нас тоже бывает весна

  • "Мы не любим войны и смерти. Мы очень дружелюбны и милы. А если ты не согласен с этим мнением - умри =)"

  • Штот мне плохо....

  • Freaking Love this song. Good job.

  • Russia is so yandere x)

  • Pilipa, you are absolutely right. You are probably a foreigner, as the authors of these pictures. So the fact Russia does not understand. You are confusing the essence of the country and its history. Russia - wide, powerful, bright power. It is one of many. And she does not need anything from the outside world. But generous and rich is always the envy. And the desire to deprive Russia of all its wealth. Hence, heavy bloody history, numerous wars, the collapse and disintegration. And again from the ashes like a Phoenix. And you have gathered all of the pictures where Ivan Braginsky looks like a crazy maniac and tyrant. Even though "axis powers hetalia" disagree with you. There, John describes how good and strong. I don't know where you come from. But believe me, I'm talking about every country in the world know the bloody and terrible history. You need to be kinder. Not to stir up nenavit and anger between peoples. And Yes. I - Russian.

  • Как мило~ о3о

  • Stalin like it Слава России и СССР !!!!!

  • Perfect

  • so cute