Last Call for Mr. Paul

Sitene ekle


  • Red Bull

    Make sure you check out Jason Paul's epic channel for more Freerunning madness!

  • At least it's not Jake Paul.

  • Actually he wasted lot of time in unnecessary jumps

  • Dont try this at home 0001f60b0001f6020001f6020001f6020001f602

  • Legends say he still parkour’s to catch his flight.

  • After watching this video

  • I recommend leaving early for the flight next time

  • Its a perfect! :D

  • في حدى عربي ازا انتا عربي لا تبخل علينا بلايك ✌0001f44d0001f44d

  • Why did I even expect Logan Paul in this? Gawd

  • Me everyday when I’m late too class running through hallways dodging people.

  • Why even bother boarding an airplane, when Red Bull gives you wings!!

  • WOW

  • It was cool and at some times It was funny keep it up

  • this guy is insane and awesome

  • You can just fly! Red Bull Gives you WINGS!!

  • I have a feeling the guards weren't really trying to catch him

  • Red bull gives you wings0001f602

  • I have been in that airport lol

  • Who else thought this was Logan or Jake