Learn Russian while you sleep ♫ 5 hours 001f44d 1000 Basic Words and Phrases 001f499

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  • So fast and robotic kinda hard to sleep when it sounds like I'm getting yelled at by a Russian Siri about avocados for some odd reason

  • I love Russia and its people, culture, language and its soul!!

  • sehr gut,

  • Russian looks so so so hard!¡! but i want to learn. Anyone cheer me up plsssssss

  • Thanks so so much....I listen to this as soon as I get home to train my ears..lol

  • I love russian. My friend eli was born in russian himself. He is at my school. It taught me some words that i thought was cool.

  • Pls speak slowly so fast

  • Syka blyat

  • Western spy on mission .

  • If I were not a native speaker of Russian, I wouldn't get anything cause its too fast. Either I don't speak this way lol

  • Wot the fok is this?!?!? Soviet brainwashing!!!

  • I'm trying to learn Russian, and I got the first vocabulary down. But this video is so jumpy. You teach me all the different fruits and vegetables (which is good, I"m not complaining), but then out of a sudden you expect me to say entire sentences/questions that are A) not related to the vocabulary you taught me, B) way to fast for me to follow and C) some don't even have translating subtitles, that I pretty much have to guess whether I said it right. I was happy to find a video that would start with giving me a wide range of vocabulary, and not teach me all vegetables and then sentences in which I ask someone about Italian.

  • thank you VERY much

  • Very interesting, thank you...

  • Мне интересно кому нужен русский язык? Я понимаю что он хороший, но изучать его просто бесполезно, если ты не даун и хочешь жить в СНГ :D

  • 37:39

  • Do you HAVE to look at the video or just listen to it and if u hyst have to listen to it do you have to make sure you are like concentrate on the words that come next? thanks for answering!

  • Very interesting infact chai is kiswahili word