LeBron James Top 10 Plays of his Career

Sitene ekle


  • Why do people hate this man i respect him he's a good guy

  • he's so good that these aren't even his top plays anymore lol

  • I don't watch basketball, but Lebron is a fuckin legend.

  • #1 is certainly his game 7 block on Iggy now

  • Smh, Jordan can get his dad killed due gambling, and kobe was accused of rape, but people hating on lebron because he left a team?

  • I am a fan of Lebron. Always have been, always will be. Fans and Haters need to shutup.

  • People will still hate LeBron... because he is GOAT !


  • They didn't even include his dunk on Jason terry, dang :/

  • Who else calme here for the comments?

  • I dont understand why they make top 10 plays of career if they are still playing...

  • Cavs without Lebron = sucks

  • NBA be makin "top 10 career plays" in the middle of a players career?

  • Lebron is better than Kobe

  • he just proved again hes the greatest ever

  • People saying LeBron ain't clutch smh

  • lol nba must do top 20 highlights of lebron james.. 10 is not enough

  • My top 14- Whats yours?

  • Hate it or love it. He is the best of their generation.

  • We need an updated version