LEGO DC Super-Villains - Superboy (Jonathan Samuel Kent) Smallville Gameplay Screenshot Revealed!

Sitene ekle


  • This Superboy is cute and young

  • I really want to play this game I think this may be the BEAST LEGO GAME since lego marvel superheroes 1 but that's just my opinion

  • I hope the Young Justice Superboy and other YJ characters will be in the game.

  • GameUnboxingReviews This is NOT a NEW Screenshot and NOT new info on Smallville being part of the game as this was shown weeks ago.

  • News sounds awesome i really want to play this game

  • yay jon superboy

  • As far as we know, will we be able to change lightning color for the custom character?

  • Make Venom of the movie un legó marvel superheros 2 pleaseee

  • Cool

  • Superboy is super cool looking.

  • greatest video ever i loved it it is super mega legit awsome the best super cool


  • cool

  • Damian Wayne pleases

  • Gameunboxingreviews I want you to know that this was an amazing video, and I love the videos on your channel. Please keep up the great work! Just one thing however, I did like the old outro a lot better. I’m sorry, but it’s just my opinion. Will new one be permanent?

  • I’m so excited for this!! Can’t wait for Damien too!

  • Sweet baby baby boy jon

  • This game looks sooo cool! Do you know how many area we'll be able to explore? And will The Batcave and the Wayne Manor be in this game?

  • What do you think about lego fantastic beasts crimes of Grindelwald game

  • That’s ok better late than never