Lionel Messi ● Top 10 Cheeky Skills & Plays

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  • This guy is above everyone. The way he thinks and play is what makes him better than everyone else. Mind blowing! You just have to appreciate what Messi is doing. Best Ever!

  • First! This is gonna be a sick video I can tell

  • Brilliant

  • cheaky

  • Best in the world and miles away from the second... Great video!

  • Qual o nome da música?

  • If is not Messi Who's the best player in the world right now no boddy can't beat messi to better ,score,dribbling ,free kick we call him king Leo.

  • So if he gets caught offside, he nutmegs someone ^^

  • I was at the game when he nutmegged the goalkeeper #3 0001f6010001f44d

  • I honestly still don't understand how he gets compared to ronaldo...smh

  • I think you just made me love Messi even more.

  • using the referee was very clever, he has learned well from barca.. jk

  • The penalty assist made Ronaldo so salty, because it stripped him from winning the golden shoes for 2014/2015 season.

  • people comparing other players with this guy...i cant understand the logic..

  • Legend 0001f44c0001f3fb

  • without watching

  • Leo Messi the G.O.A.T 0001f47d

  • Es por estas cosas que Messi es Unico!! Es un Genio del Futbol Mundial 0001f60d Viva Messi!!