Martin Garrix feat. Bonn - High On Life (Official Video)

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  • Martin Garrix

    My new track High On Life featuring Bonn is out now! Let me know what you think of it! ❤️

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    Avicii liked it song❤0001f64f0001f62a

  • this song always make me

  • This song cured my depression... No seriously, it did!

  • Like this if Martin Garrix is better than Lil Pump

  • Tribute to Avicii.. Goosebumps

  • " High on Life till the day We die "....I think AVICII like this Song ....

  • He is great but he will never take place of AVICII 0001f6220001f6220001f622

  • This song sounds like the love-child of Avicii and Alesso.

  • Progressive house is the best ❤

  • Who's here before 100 million ?

  • Killed the demons of my mind

  • Am i the only one who repeated this song for idk how many times?

  • The amount of views on this song makes me feel like Martin Garrix is underrated.

  • Omy 

    Avicii is in you my boy!

  • [Verse 1]

  • Wow sounds so similar to Avicii. :( i think Martin was very inspired by avicii. This song has the same effects and same pluggins Avicii used to put.

  • Should have been the Fifa World Cup 2018 Anthem

  • Let's take a moment to remember Avicii.