Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 - Harry Osborn After Credits Scene

Sitene ekle


  • Is that Venom?

  • This is, yet another, AWESOME plot twist. I can't wait to see Spider-Man 2. (Even though I don't even own a PS4, I just love watching your videos xD)

  • But what does this mean, Will Harry become Venom or the Green Goblin, or Both?

  • that venom wow

  • Hes using venom to keep him alive!!?!?!? Omg so Green Goblin will he the next villain of the next game and mid game you use the symbiote to defeat him then play as miles to finally get the symbiote off of peter and it goes on to new character eddie brock and venom is the main badguy of the hame

  • Eddie is venom

  • Nice vid

  • Harry what the hell happpen guys we need to find out don’t just guess venom because what if it’s not?

  • That’s harry

  • noooo harry

  • I still dont get why some people thought this was eddy brock when he clearly says SON

  • LMSH2 spiderman ps4 custom Plz

  • Venom or Goblin?

  • I dont get it. What happened? I thought Harry was in Europe or something.