Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 - Road To 100% Completion!

Sitene ekle


  • Glad your enjoying the game unfortunately I can't play it because i don't have a ps4 yet. I was also wondering if you are going to finish Lego Harry Potter years 5-7? Keep up the great work

  • Sorry I couldn't make it. I was at school. But I'm watching now

  • thank you

  • Do u know should play as Jay Joen Jamisimosn Toby Mikquer 0001f600

  • Iron spider

  • As much as I love how the homecoming suit looks, I've really gotten attached more to insomniacs suit, it's what makes their spider-man Spider-Man, and glad I decided play the full game story in it.

  • I've been subbed for about a year but haven't commented until about 3 weeks ago, your Lego dimensions were the first vids I watched.

  • How do you get the locked missions

  • Aah sorry I wasn't there man, power was out and came on at the last minute, but hey I enjoyed it none the less.

  • I couldnt stay until the end but I heard that music meister is in lego dc sv Im really happy

  • your nana a basket

  • I can’t get the hang of livestreams, I’m never in the right place at the right time

  • I also can’t understand how you can play and check the comments at the same time, I wouldn’t be able to focus on both

  • I have only crime token remaining

  • Waiting for Spider-Ham DLC

  • Please do the tombstone side mission.

  • Hi I’m a big fan do you like this game