Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 - Spider-Man 2099 Black Suit Low Gravity Glides Off Freedom Tower!

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  • I love your videos

  • That thumbnail got a nice butt 0001f44c

  • Awesome vid bro !!!! Wish I had more subs 0001f61e. Keep up the great work bro !!!!

  • Awesome!

  • Man my favourite game of of the year best spider man game ever my most favourite spider man game and i think it will be game of the year the 2 year wait since 2016 was definitely worth it SPIDER MAN is the best

  • Yknow what? You’re right. That is cool

  • Love you're vids u r the best 0001f600

  • Do more of dise vids ben

  • Why is is called Spider-Man 2099 "Black" suit? That looks Blue.

  • In the comics Spider-Man 2099 had a light special fiber from a damaged hang glider that a thor worshipper had, using it he made a small cape he would use to glide around Nueava York. It was changed to web-wings in shattered dimensions and edge of time for reasons unknown to me.

  • Finally someone showed it!

  • Great for air tricks.

  • Ben... You’re the Spider-Man. From YouTube.0001f631

  • 1 question why don't you live stream this today an 2:40 p.m Utah time? Plz that would be cool cuz I think everyone is out of school at that time around the world 0001f600