Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 Walkthrough - Part 13: Up The Water Spout, Whats in the Box, Back to School

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  • U kinda sound like Tom Holland lol

  • The Halloween party is just the greatest, I'm not far after that I spent ages exploring the party there's so much that has gone into it it's surreal

  • Keep it up.0001f44d0001f3fc0001f44d0001f3fc0001f44d0001f3fc

  • Yes more.

  • Can you believe that mysterio is actually not in the game he such a awesome villain

  • That have fire power but spidey/ben got fans

  • love ur vids gameunboxingreviews.your walk throughs are the best cause you don't talk that much ,keep it up =)

  • Jealous that I don't have a ps4

  • Its be cool if you could stealth takedown 2 at a time like you could in the amazing spiderman games