MIT cheetah robot lands the running jump

Sitene ekle


  • Japan - uses all it's robots for science and help to humans

  • Kingsman The Golden Circle ✌

  • So I can finially fulfill my dream of riding a robotic horse with these things

  • It's a weapon

  • Cheetah? But it's running slower than dog.

  • that thing is cool, but looks like something straight out of my nightmares

  • One of these days in the near to distant future, our grand children will look back into these videos and get astonished to see how primitive robotics was in the early 2000s. The feeling they have will be analogous to what we have now for 18th century machines.

  • Seeing this after watching Black Mirror - Metalhead gives me chills.

  • The fact that this is funded by darpa makes it that much more frightening

  • Black Mirror’s Metalhead, anyone?

  • MIT's filming technology is a guy pushing another guy around in a cart.

  • I like how this super advanced robot is doing these cool jumps and then you have the guy sitting in the bin with wheels filming with his budding pushing him at full speed

  • Horizon Zero Dawn is happening boys!

  • Anyone here after watching "Metalhead" on Netflix?

  • When you spend all your money on a jumping robot so the most high tech moving camera you can achieve is being pushed around in a plastic box.

  • -So you work at MIT?

  • I'm super excited to see the end result of the robot cheetah when it's all done :3

  • Amazing! Instead of being a paranoid imbecile, saying how Terminator, a SCI-FI movie is staring to happen in real life, im actually impressed by this wonderful innovation! The M.I.T. is my dream college.

  • nothing is left in the internet to see after this...... 0001f6310001f6310001f6310001f6310001f6310001f6310001f6310001f6310001f631

  • So gorgeous yet scary to see...