Monster Energy: Ballistic B.J. Baldwin - #RECOIL

Sitene ekle


  • There are 934 guys driving a Prius!

  • rather have the truck than gtr...

  • those rocks flying at you would hurt like hell

  • Does this make anyone want a trophy truck?

  • I don't want to be a celebrity for the money or fame. I want to be one so that I have the chance to ride in things like that! I would pay to ride in a trophy truck on a track. I guess I will go back to work and enjoy my shitty life. Thanks Monster.

  • The suspension control on this 'truck' is amazing

  • Just a casual day at the dessert and leaving ur Nissan GT-R at the dessert.. Yup pretty normal

  • If anyone wants a free GTR these guys left one out there in the desert.

  • DAT suspension though 

  • Who else thought the helicopter at

  • Now I understand why it often rains sand on my car, they are the children of the Monster Energy to make it rain in the world.

  • Question: How does this guy drive to work?

  • МАШИНА  -  " З В Е Р Ь "... 

  • 촬영하는데 흙먼지 뿌리고 가는 영상 재미있네요 ..0001f600

  • Wow, that chick is a really good driver. Did you see how she was whipping around in that GTR?? Amazing!!!

  • Um...I think you forgot something in the desert...its silver and starts with a "G" and ends with a "R"

  • that truck is AWSOME!!!!!

  • seeing that gtr is giving me an orgasm

  • MUSIC: Stereo Saturated - Monster Smash

  • If I had that truck I would jump over all gtr owners