Sporda Saygı ve Fair Play'in En Güzel Anları • HD


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    New Video Part 2:

  • Das nenn ich Sportsgeist, so muss es sein! Unfassbar bewegende Momente ♥

  • That was beautiful and I was inspired by this cute little boy. See clip

  • Respect Carles Puyol

  • What's up at

  • because the point of sports is sportsmanship... love this video

  • opponents, not enemies

  • I wish there was some text to explain a few of these.

  • lit 

    best moment was when lightning mcqueen stopped at the finishing line to drive back and push the king over it first

  • the brownlee twins part was adorable

  • Puyol and Cr7 are amazing people!

  • What a proud I am of Puyol 0001f1ea0001f1f8

  • PUYOL 0001f3960001f44f0001f44f. Noble and a Beast. Not like today's cheaters and divers like Sergio Ramos 0001f621. LEGEND0001f525

  • That poor Brit needed water more than a shoulder. :-/

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  • the one at the

  • Just one name - CARLES PUYOL

  • Brings tears sometimes seeing the humanity in these scenes. The way some don't let their passion for the win overshadow the fact that they are people is amazing and so, so rare anymore. We NEED this in society today. Good on each and every one of them.