Sporda Saygı ve Fair Play'in En Güzel Anları • Part 3

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  • Published on Mar 6, 2018

  • Most Beautiful Moments of Respect and Fair Play in Sports • Part 3
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    Sporda Saygı ve Fair Play'in En Güzel Anları • Part 3

  • I don't know in which language it was written but I understand the language of love, being compassionate,caring,above all ethnicities, colour,race and that's enough for me.god bless you and your family

  • In case anyone couldn't hear the first clip like me, he says "that was in, do you want to challenge it?" because I guess the officials said it was out. I know nothing about tennis l, so I don't know official terms or anything, haha.

  • I only cried once because of sport and it was when the English team sang the French anthem after the terrorist attack that once the most respectful time for me!!!

  • Damn, that kid with cerebral palsy at the end got game!

  • Sam 

    Sonny Bill Williams.

  • Music Name is: Mount Olympus - Approaching Nirvana 0001f9190001f3fc

  • ALL BLACKS!!!!!

  • 5:41

  • The wrestler at

  • Ok, I know I'm going to sound like a monster but I just want to put my opinion out there, and well better if some strangers online hate me instead of my real life friends :)

  • I'm not crying

  • I really can't understand how somebody doesn't like this beautiful video ?????

  • This music itself makes me cry 0001f644

  • I watch a TON of YouTube videos, and THIS is definitely one of my favorites! I smiled all the way through it! Athletes are not only public figures but role models as well. When they take even just a minute out of their schedule to meet a fan or to sign an autograph for a youngster, they SHOULD be praised! I wish more athletes would do this, but many are so self-centered and egotistical they do not understand how

  • I can't help but note how nearly all of these clips are from European/South American sports events.

  • The kid at

  • That moment when you realize that some kid in a wheelchair is better at soccer than you are . . .

  • Sports not only a game 1000 of peoples dream love passion ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤