Sporda Saygı ve Fair Play'in En Güzel Anları • Part 3

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    Sporda Saygı ve Fair Play'in En Güzel Anları • Part 3

  • I don't know in which language it was written but I understand the language of love, being compassionate,caring,above all ethnicities, colour,race and that's enough for me.god bless you and your family

  • Arkaplan muzigini bilen yazabilirmi 3 seridir cevabini bulamadim0001f602

  • I only cried once because of sport and it was when the English team sang the French anthem after the terrorist attack that once the most respectful time for me!!!

  • The wrestler at

  • In case anyone couldn't hear the first clip like me, he says "that was in, do you want to challenge it?" because I guess the officials said it was out. I know nothing about tennis l, so I don't know official terms or anything, haha.

  • Damn, that kid with cerebral palsy at the end got game!

  • ilk yorum seviliyosun başarıların devamını dilerim 3

  • Hey, Nice video. Are you from Turkey? 0001f1f90001f1f7

  • Ok, I know I'm going to sound like a monster but I just want to put my opinion out there, and well better if some strangers online hate me instead of my real life friends :)

  • Notice there's not one act of kindness from any American football players

  • 5:42

  • Bro this brings tears to my eyes it's so lovely to see people showing true respect and caring for each other, only if more people in this world was like this, the world would be a happier place!

  • I know it's a bit off subject, but that little girls mom at

  • "DAVID LUIZ" gave that little boy (blue shirt, number 18) hours of his time. You are the MAN David :-)

  • Athletes like that show the true meaning of Courage, Respect, and Honor.

  • ALL BLACKS!!!!!

  • Good! Fine moments! Thx

  • Sam 

    Sonny Bill Williams.