- - MOST - EXTREME - SPORT - ♛ - ✔ 200_Mph_320Km/h - Irish Road Racing ✔ UGP_NW200

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  • the riders are obviously nuts but so are the spectators lounging a couple of feet from the road

  • reminds me of the moto racer 2 game on playstation 1

  • Irish road racing is like poking the grim reaper with a stick and running away , I live in Ireland and have gone to loads of these races they really are amazing everybody should go to see at least one race put it on your bucket list

  • To describe this craziness we need to invent a new word.

  • by watching those men ...i feel my self like a damn big handicap .... -_-

  • these are true athletes! Brilliant footage!

  • 190mph in the rain. Holy shit.

  • Seems like such an adrenaline-rush. Though, I'd rather sit here with sweaty hands fearing for their lives, lol

  • remove brain, add elephants testicles, fill with petrol.

  • probably the most dangerous sport in the world.

  • Good job they've put padding on the telegraph poles. Could be a nasty accident otherwise.

  • BETTER THAN F1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Insanity.

  • this is racing ;)

  • Guy Martin. Another British Hero.

  • Takes major balls to drive like them.  Big balls and big skills.

  • did that guy on the left at

  • I am car lover but nobody can say that was shit.I mean this is art of riding a motorbike.I love these thinks.They are fast and ı am sure they feels better than cars.Whatever prefer cars :)

  • I hope no wild animal will cross the road....

  • Wooowww....