News media calls me out for lying.. (confession) 001f4f0 PEW NEWS001f4f0

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  • Published on Aug 8, 2018

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  • News media calls me out for lying.. (confession) 001f4f0 PEW NEWS001f4f0 etiketleri


  • Funny the media can't take a joke when they are literally are one.

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  • Pewdiepie claims to have a Poppy Harlow working for him but we contacted her and she said that she is not working for him.

  • me and my friends HATE fortnite...anyone else?

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  • Fortnite is the new minecraft

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  • You should change the video's title to "Sponsored by Digiday".

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  • Ахвхвхаха.. Мерч Пьюди на Русском языке 0001f6020001f6020001f602 СУКА БЛЯТЬ

  • Digiday and other media companies just do it for clicks Pewds, if you mention it they get more clicks because people will go to read the original article after you mention it.

  • Troll them, put the title "sponsored by ferrari" and you still changing the name all the time

  • Me: damn a serious video

  • Перевиди коомент-ха я русский-See koment, I'm Russian

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  • Tou Translantig From Portuguese To English