One Direction - Perfect (Official Video)

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  • 2018?

  • missing you alll...0001f6410001f6410001f6410001f61e0001f61e

  • Every day I wish that when I wake up some one say to me that you come back♥♥0001f6220001f622

  • October, 20180001f6220001f622♥♥

  • PERFECT :)

  • October 2018?✌

  • come back 1D

  • 1 like = one person who misses 1D 0001f64f0001f3fc❤️❤️

  • I love 1D! Please Come Back 1D!This is Perfect Song

  • Perfect- One Direction

  • "If your looking for someone to write your break up songs about ?"

  • one direction is incomplete without ZAYN .... one direction we are waiting for ur reunion .. plz come back

  • Please come back 1D.....

  • they really changed my life. I was young when one direction were at their peak so I kind of didn't pay attention to the fact they won't last forever. I wish they would come back just so I could hype them again but understand this time. I listened to them on repeat with my family and even the older cousins/aunts etc would love them. They created happy memories for me. Thank you

  • This song is... perfect.

  • Damn someone please tell them that i really miss them in one group 0001f615 I miss them alot like ALOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  • Black and white background takes you back in time. 0001f614A sense of nostalgia.