Plus-size? More Like My Size | Ashley Graham | TEDxBerkleeValencia

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  • Published on May 27, 2015

  • Internationally-known body activist, model and entrepreneur, Ashley Graham, describes her journey into fashion industry stardom. She doesn't leave out any gritty details, as she describes the challenging and rewarding progression toward becoming her own role model. Inspiring body confidence in the next generation, Ashley expresses the need for the universal embrace of body diversity as beauty paradigms continue to shift. Ashley Graham, 27, was born in Lincoln, Nebraska and discovered in a mall at the age of 12. Her natural beauty and effervescent personality led to her signing with an international modeling agency at the age of 13, launching her successful, diverse career. Ashley has worked in numerous areas of the fashion industry including editorial, catalogue, runway, commercial, television and film. Recently she stared in #CurvesinBikinis, a campaign with swimsuitsforall that made her the first plus size model to appear in an ad in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit edition. Recently, she was one of five models included in Vogue.com’s “The Best Lingerie Comes in All Sizes” feature. As a role model and body activist, Ashley is regularly invited to speak at numerous high schools and girls’ groups about body image, self-acceptance and female empowerment. TEDxBerkleeValencia website: http://tedxberkleevalencia.com/ This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
  • Plus-size? More Like My Size | Ashley Graham | TEDxBerkleeValencia etiketleri


  • In African culture, that's a perfect body right there.

  • she is THICK! she is my ideal body type

  • but look at her face though and how proportional she is

  • This woman is sexy...really sexy

  • I just wanna know how she doesn't have a double chin lol

  • M A 

    i want to see a person without hair, no symetrical face, big nose and small butt saying this, she may be heavier, but she won the genetic lottery among the bigger girls

  • She is beautiful.

  • The fact that the hate comments are coming from men just emphasizes a major factor in women's insecurities , that women feel the need to look a certain way in order to be accepted as beautiful. The women who understand what Ashley is saying think this is inspirational but men are still making digs at her appearance despite the words that she is saying.

  • i love how men make this about themselves and what they like, like "oh she's not fat any man would want her!" or "she's too fat she needs to lose weight, i would never be attracted to her!". newsflash: we don't care what you think, it's about us and how we feel about ourselves. the world doesn't revolve around your penises, thank you.

  • I think this is FANTASTIC. Women should not have to be pressured to go to the gym to look a certain way...or men. Not everyone likes gym workouts.

  • her face kinda reminds of Alecia Keys

  • This girl has a very pretty face, and that's compensating her shape. I am not saying it's not good looking (her figure), but take another woman with no good looks but the same shape and she will not be successful the same way.

  • She is just a gorgeous woman :)

  • I thought she was talking to the fish in the beginning

  • I love you Ashley!!! You go girl!

  • so smart and elegant

  • Wow this comment section is giving me a headache

  • I'm a curvy woman myself and I agree with what she says BUT if your body fat makes you weak and tired then thats unhealthy and there is nothing positive about that. I know that every body figure is beautiful but we should not encourage young woman to gain weight and telling the. İt is ok just like its not okay to encourage them into starving themselves. Everything is beautiful when healthy.

  • Could I look in the mirror and say this to myself without shedding a tear? Man, I'm confident about everything else in life, but as a woman, it's so hard to accept my looks. Ashley, you're awesome!

  • I LOVE HER. She's so fucking beautiful god damn. I love her so much. I wish I could be her :(