Sitene ekle
  • Published on Aug 9, 2018

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  • Gotta get that

  • My name is AJ and I'm addicted to memes I look at 120,651 memes a day I first started this addiction 21 years ago on YouTube and now i also make memes

  • Guy 1: hey man wanna eat some kush

  • “She keeps it in her boob?!”

  • I’m addicted to watching Mini Ladd 0001f440❤️

  • "And im addicted to eating glass" Naaaah NAAAAAAHHHH

  • Gum and Sand???

  • Ok how do most of these people have husbands and wifes with their strange addictions and i a normal person CAN'T EVEN GET A DATE life is cruel

  • "Get someone who looks at you like Bianca looks at her sister's ashes"

  • “We’re not here to point and laugh.”

  • Eat cotton candy instead of toilet paper lol

  • Why dont they just chew raw sugar or salt?.....

  • She keeps it in her boot... Not boob, boot. I did think it said boob at first but it was boot

  • My name is Mini Ladd

  • Do horders next. You will cringe so hard bro

  • I'm addicted to Oxygen. But at least I'm not addicted to putting sand on crisps

  • That dude that eats glass he probably has cuts all over his butthole

  • I'm addicted to eatting roman nodes without cooking it

  • She spends nearly 400 dollars on gasoline per month and she has had this gasoline sniffing addiction for 30 years? She is slowly killing herself over her life threatening addiction.