Secrets of success in 8 words, 3 minutes | Richard St. John

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  • Short video with 8 smart words to success; Passion, Work, Good, Focus, Push, Service, Ideas and Persist

  • one day, I will be a successful man , and business man , the problem is when you have people around you they make you feel broken person , unsuccessful and failed, thank you

  • “What leads to success?” - Yeah, this is an interesting and popular issue for everyone to discuss nowadays. And, I’m sure he mentioned the success of one’s career.

  • Wonderfully concise Richard, I love it, as a minimalist artist it fascinates me, minimal on time but everything is in there.

  • so prescise....

  • 1. Money

  • with in a short span of time he gave answer to the Most Repeated Question "How to success ?, What lead to success ??

  • To be successful, follow those 8 items. To be really successful, you are more than willing to die to achieve your goal.

  • I really have worked hard.. i deserve 15 likes for avoiding bad friends

  • I am a Jobless and I am here

  • Funny he missed out on 'be male', 'be white (or asian),' 'be rich', 'have well connected parents', 'get into Harvard (or equivalent)', 'steal other peoples ideas', 'have your mother sitting on the same board as an IBM bigwig'

  • one important idea is missing here - the pathway to success ALWAYS has a critical moment of leverage at which time you need to make the right (or lucky) decision.  for example, Bill Gates getting IBM on board was a BIG moment of leverage, without that, no-one would have heard of him.   every single successful person will be able to highlight a moment of leverage without which they would have been much less successful

  • Short and to the point. I like that.

  • we can do & become anything we want just don't stop continue work focus persist and push push push✋0001f3fb

  • its an excellent , in 3 minute  video boost up souls and gives ideas and routeline for suc

  • Video starts at

  • I am going to do these eight things to success

  • really good

  • I do not agree with what says this guy, actually it is necessary to have the passion of what made but are sometimes needed unpleasant things to arrive at the success, to arrive at the success, it is necessarily necessary to do things which at the beginning displease us. As to work hard on the school for example, we make hit not by passion, it is hard and painful, but it is necessary to make it to arrive at the success.

  • really it's greatest program around the world