Star Wars : Attack of the Dentist

Sitene ekle


  • One of Jontron's most underrated videos.

  • Petition for dunky to record a full version of duel of fates.

  • I remember this game looking much more majestic when I was 8.

  • "Weed? Why didn't you just say so my man!" - Every college frat party ever.

  • WEED?? Hahaaaaa! Why didn't ya just say so, mah man?!

  • And that's why you don't catch me fightin' Darth Maul no more.

  • I love Dunkey's acapella version of the battle music 0001f602

  • You went into the frigging Dark Knight Rises theme at one point. What is this game?

  • Lego starwars, the best part about the prequels.

  • "That's why you don't catch me fighting Darth Maul anymore." Hahahahaha!

  • I lost it at the Jurassic Park Theme

  • If only George Lucas was this good.

  • 500 Cents?!?!? That's like $5.

  • "i'M GoNnA fAKK yu eEN tHa nAXt wAn!"

  • Dude, this game was my childhood...

  • That Watto voice was convincing

  • I love it how he leaves his normal voice for the black man. He is the blackest white boy on this planet.

  • Great voice acting as usual for that game

  • I want a full recording of dunkey singing duel of the fates