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  • Published on Sep 18, 2017

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  • Numberphile

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  • I absolutely lost it at Parker Circle.

  • Brady, I need to thank you for keeping the parker memes alive for more than a year without ruining them. I got my parker square shirt already and will see how many parker circles I can fit in it.

  • This video only leaves me with one question - what is the audio waveform on Matt's shirt of?

  • There is a trick that you can use in Mathematics : by not worrying about it.- Matt Parker 2017

  • Teacher: "Do you call that a circle?"

  • I'm a simple man, I see Matt Parker and a square and I click

  • I wonder how many Parker circles would fit in a Parker square

  • By the way, just letting you know, higher dimensional spheres AREN'T spiky by any means, if fact they're still symmetrical in all directions, and are convex just like their lower-dimensional counterparts.

  • The Parker shape family is slowly expanding :D

  • “There is a trick you can use in mathematics called… not worrying about it.” – Ah! :-D

  • 3Blue1Brown

  • Walks into the fruit section, starts comparing the sphericity of oranges

  • So the Tardis must be working in a 10+ dimensional space in order to be bigger on the inside

  • "That's a Parker's circle" ahahhahahahahahahah

  • #ParkerCircle

  • #parkercircle

  • ParkerBox containing ParkerCircles ... brilliant

  • Spiky spheres sound like spheres that aren't quite right somehow...Parker Spheres....