Strange Spheres in Higher Dimensions - Numberphile

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  • Published on Sep 18, 2017

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  • Strange Spheres in Higher Dimensions - Numberphile etiketleri


  • Numberphile
    Numberphile 1 year ago

    Parker CIRCLE T-Shirts and Mugs:

  • Andrew Kovnat
    Andrew Kovnat 1 year ago

    I absolutely lost it at Parker Circle.

  • achu11th
    achu11th 1 year ago

    Brady, I need to thank you for keeping the parker memes alive for more than a year without ruining them. I got my parker square shirt already and will see how many parker circles I can fit in it.

  • BlobVanDam
    BlobVanDam 1 year ago

    This video only leaves me with one question - what is the audio waveform on Matt's shirt of?

  • Vinit Doke
    Vinit Doke 1 year ago (edited)

    There is a trick that you can use in Mathematics : by not worrying about it.- Matt Parker 2017

  • A Stanky Troll
    A Stanky Troll 1 year ago


  • Cogito Ergo Ludo
    Cogito Ergo Ludo 1 year ago

    Teacher: "Do you call that a circle?"

  • EnGIsNowhere
    EnGIsNowhere 1 year ago

    I wonder how many Parker circles would fit in a Parker square

  • Eric Eggert
    Eric Eggert 1 year ago

    “There is a trick you can use in mathematics called… not worrying about it.” – Ah! :-D

  • Tristan Ng
    Tristan Ng 1 year ago (edited)

    I'm a simple man, I see Matt Parker and a square and I click

  • AtricosHU
    AtricosHU 1 year ago (edited)

    By the way, just letting you know, higher dimensional spheres AREN'T spiky by any means, if fact they're still symmetrical in all directions, and are convex just like their lower-dimensional counterparts.

  • InteLStaT
    InteLStaT 1 year ago

    The Parker shape family is slowly expanding :D

  • Furkell
    Furkell 1 year ago

    Walks into the fruit section, starts comparing the sphericity of oranges

  • Mr. Verne
    Mr. Verne 1 year ago

    So the Tardis must be working in a 10+ dimensional space in order to be bigger on the inside

  • Cyber Dash [BlackjackLeWoozard]

    "There's a trick in mathematics that we call 'Not worrying about it'."

  • Luca Caprotti
    Luca Caprotti 1 year ago

    "That's a Parker's circle" ahahhahahahahahahah

  • TreuloseTomate
    TreuloseTomate 1 year ago


  • Krowwweee
    Krowwweee 1 year ago

    ParkerBox containing ParkerCircles ... brilliant

  • pirate1234567891
    pirate1234567891 1 year ago

    Spiky spheres sound like spheres that aren't quite right somehow...Parker Spheres....

  • Lelouch Yagami
    Lelouch Yagami 1 year ago (edited)

    Now we can call every badly drawn circle as a Parker circle