That's A Man's Corner⚡️ 322 Km/h 200 MPH ✔️SpecTTacular TT ✔ Isle of man TT

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  • this is a different level of having balls

  • You know you're a pretty badass driver when Valentino Rossi is the one handing you the trophy :O

  • respect to everyone who rides takes part in it doesn't matter if they finish 1st or last

  • When Jackie Stewart says that the Isle of Man TT is "mans country"...that's a compliment...coming from someone like Jackie Stewart.

  • probably the most thrilling and dangerous motor sport event in the world

  • 70 still ride, all my school are gone, Go on lads enjoy, me I am still there Got a K5 K3 and still got the balls to  ride well  Stay safe Sucker

  • I didn't realise I could hold my breath for more than 5 minutes..............phew

  • Love these racers,, they live more in one lap than most people do their entire lives.


  • i used to ride a zx10r fast on the road thinking i was guy martin or something , after going to the tt and seeing the skills and respect these guys have and talking to them i went back home had deap thought about it , now i only speed on track and ride responsibly on road as i know i should of died many times over on the road lady luck prevented that 

  • No one has ever fast forwarded this clip...

  • That is race, where your life is at stake, not some sissy ass moto gp...These are real riders with real BALLS !

  • amazing

  • This race is the true meaning of EPIC.

  • Isle of MEN. love it.

  • These wheelie corners, SICK!!!

  • Isn't it unconfortable to sit on the bike with balls that big?

  • understated heroes and role models of courage, modesty and passion. This is my kind of motivational video. Thanks for sharing. Bon courage à tous les motocyclistes et conduisez prudement!

  • The hairs on my arms are standing up at watching these guys wring the utter life out of these machines on these roads. It defies belief at the astonishing speeds with road furniture so close. Mesmorising...