The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Video Game - TASM2 suit free roam

Sitene ekle


  • Remember when they made Spiderman 2 on PS2. Had all the original voices from the films. And swinging from buildings (which somehow was not in TASM game) and the free roam was great!

  • I can see this game getting boring very quickly.

  • *carries a bomb that could go off any moment

  • Look at the views

  • Web of shadows was the best for me :P


  • the game is soo bad i played about 40 mins of it then i threw it in the garbage

  • bad graphics!

  • this game........was such.........a disappointment.......

  • ha yes! Beenox is no more

  • the game isn't that had tbh

  • Does anyone else wish you could just free roam normally after completing the game? Because I find it annoying how I finally finished the game, but if you don't do enough heroic acts you become a menace in just minutes. ;c

  • Its kinda weird for amazing spider man 1, that spider man can keep on swinging without no buildings.

  • I've got a feeling you're texting in there!

  • spider man 2 is better

  • this game is on PS4

  • Web of Shadows is better

  • I watched this two times

  • Дальность прорисовки....просто отвратительная. Позор...