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  • So they can roll out incognito mode for Android but not dark mode? Jeebus....

  • Im literally on toilet while watching this lol 0001f9230001f9230001f9230001f923

  • If theyre gonna stop selling the x early, do you think it will have a pretty good resale value since less of them are out there? Or are they just stopping production, but still selling them?

  • Introducing the Iphone 25, which is nothing but futuristic air0001f602

  • Guess who was pooping while watching this

  • Why do I need incognito on YouTube I can’t watch any poon tang

  • iPhone Ex

  • LOL I was on the 0001f6bd

  • The thumbnail alone is enough to make my day. 0001f6020001f6020001f6020001f6020001f602 two thumbs up! 0001f44d0001f3fb0001f44d0001f3fb

  • First off 7 months ago was based on sales. 7 months ago everyone said that. And they were all wrong sales were strong. So everyone including you were wrong. So no you did not say this 7 months ago....I was wrong ppl. Lol after going back and looking he did say that.

  • Haven’t you been saying this for the past like, 6 moths now

  • This is great for daycare or people with you here siblings so you can let them watch there kid shows with destroying your recommend

  • FINALLY the worst phone in exsistance (iPhone X) is dying off!

  • im not on the toilet but i did poop my pants today

  • oh nooo. Its dead

  • Hmm now I can watch those bikini tryout videos 0001f92b0001f92d0001f92d

  • MAGA❤️

  • Ha ha tailosive tech didn't see that one coming

  • Apple freaking sold so many Xs! It was a hit in my book (coming from pixel 2XL user)

  • Primero