The Enigmatic Death of the Isdal Woman

Sitene ekle
  • Published on Feb 16, 2018

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  • The Enigmatic Death of the Isdal Woman etiketleri


  • Whether suicide or murder, the fire seems more to prevent her ever being identified. It clearly worked

  • Can we get merch that says "breadsticks, boots, burning myself alive" pls and thanx

  • You've heard of "Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica"

  • Some notes/answers from a Norwegian:

  • Shane likes a plot that's thicker than a bowl of oatmeal

  • I think it's very possible that she could have been a spy. Eventually, she realized that someone was on her trail and the only way to escape capture and possible torture was to commit suicide before she could be cought. So she took the sleeping pills, and once she felt like she wouldn't feel the pain of the fire, burned herself in an attempt to hide her identity. The bruise was probably from an earlier time, possibly a run in with the person/people she was hiding from. Also, the jewelry was probably removed before her suicide. As for the luggage, she probably dropped them at the station when she realized she was being followed. In my mind, it all adds up.

  • Ryan: It took him years later to realize that the smell was garlic

  • wait if theres a passport, shouldnt there be a picture of her?

  • Playing on her being a spy there is an aspect to this that came to my mind, she is not really dead. Okay so she was a spy then realizing that there were people on her tail she got a dead body of somone with her body tipe that commited suicied and burned it leaving behind some of her belongings to throw people of her making them belive it was really her. Meaning that body is not hers but another person that had commited suicide or she had forced to commit suicide

  • ...did the teeth smell like garlic?

  • "Breadsticks, boots, burning myself alive" is going to be my tinder bio

  • What if she knew she was going to be set on fire beforehand? It would give her reason to swallow all the pills - if there was a chance she could fall asleep before she could feel the flames?? She must’ve been murdered. She saw it coming.

  • Hurts my norwegian soul when ryan slays these names

  • Suicide. I see her connection between removing labels, and burning herself to prevent any identification. It worked too. I really don't think it was a hit. If a professional or an organization wanted to take her out due to espionage, I don't think they would have lingered around waiting for someone to swallow 50-70 pills. I don't even believe a scorned lover, someone seeking revenge, or a random act would show her mercy with sleeping pills. That seems strictly like a suicide motive, coupled with her compulsion to remove any identifiers. Her jewelry was also set aside nicely, which sounds like something she would do in preparation because of her affinity to aesthetics and materials. A murderer would have stolen them or left them on the body.

  • just for those who are curious... burnt flesh doesn't smell like barbecue... it actually smells kind of sickly sweet, with a hint of that smell you get when your hair gets caught in the hairdryer.

  • wheeze

  • * Ryan's spooky mystery voice* "thus earning the title, Death Valley"

  • Spy? Maybe a woman with a wealthy husband that she was trying to escape. That's why she had money and multiple Identities and disguises. Maybe a mob wife ? Saw something she shouldn't have and decided to disappear?

  • How is this show not on Netflix yet?

  • Why does nobody seem to think it could be both? A suicide attempt but also a murder?