THE GREATEST COMPACT CAMERA but is it worth $1200?

Sitene ekle
  • Published on Jul 11, 2018

  • it is truly an amazing device. but that price is madness and the lack of an audio input is entirely bewildering MUSIC; Narch - https://www.narchbeats.com/ https://soundcloud.com/sedgewarbler
  • THE GREATEST COMPACT CAMERA but is it worth $1200? etiketleri


  • CaseyNeistat
    CaseyNeistat 7 months ago

    HEY YOUTUBE! i uploaded this in 4k but theres no 4k in the playback. WTF.

  • Rishi Rich
    Rishi Rich 7 months ago


  • Midnight Cravings
    Midnight Cravings 7 months ago

    Nice but right now I can only afford just the strap

  • The Meza Family
    The Meza Family 7 months ago

    No MIC input is a deal breaker for me!

  • Patrick Cc:
    Patrick Cc: 7 months ago

    if they made a compact 4k camera with external audio jack and flip out screen for $750 or less they would probably sell about a million cameras

  • Lashan
    Lashan 7 months ago

    Was anyone else getting HowToBasic vibes during that unboxing sequence

  • Jake Gausland
    Jake Gausland 7 months ago

    was waiting for you to smash the camera on the table too when you were unboxing

  • Internet Commander
    Internet Commander 4 months ago

    Canon G7X Mark II is better and cost a half price of this sony toy bro!!!

  • medalla light
    medalla light 7 months ago

    Too expensive for a point and shoot! Company's need to chill with the prices!

  • JeffNotes
    JeffNotes 7 months ago

    oh by the way!

  • Utsab Rocks
    Utsab Rocks 7 months ago

    Loved it... Any Camera will do Wonders in your hand.

  • Early Man
    Early Man 7 months ago

    anyone know what this was shot on? thanks

  • JD JoyrideTV
    JD JoyrideTV 7 months ago

    I would have liked to see you compare it to the Canon G7x

  • Hughesy Tech
    Hughesy Tech 7 months ago

    Failed to mention it's worse in low light than the rx100 V, cos its no longer f1.8 and also no ND filter which makes it worse in night and day video.

  • Tim Janepat
    Tim Janepat 7 months ago

    Shot on 4K 2160p :D

  • JaymenIsMyName
    JaymenIsMyName 7 months ago

    Honestly a great review. Thorough, and honest. I do have to admit, I really wanna go buy it now... I have a t3i that I don’t use because I think my iPhone 7 does a better job and is more practical honestly. I’ve been saving for an upgraded dslr like the 70d or the 80d, but I think I’m probably going to go with the point and shoot route

  • LivingBobby
    LivingBobby 7 months ago

    Mannnn, these tech reviews are the perfect combination of capturing the voice of the average consumer and experienced filmmaker! Love these Casey!

  • Matt Cappellaro
    Matt Cappellaro 7 months ago

    I love that you used Jurrasic Park to explain cinematography. Hands down one of the biggest influences for me loving film. Also, this camera is nuts 😮

  • Danny *Moon Hawk*
    Danny *Moon Hawk* 7 months ago

    so what you're sayin' is i can get all three of those "camera stuffs" in ONE point and shoot?

  • Eleotan
    Eleotan 7 months ago

    Casey, did you color grade the video?