The Hackers That Almost Broke WoW...

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  • I remember how ridiculous this was back in he vanillla days. Dead bodies ALL OVER IRONFORGE

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  • At the start of Legion, there was an endless stream of gold farming bots running in and out of the Firelands raid entrance. Thanks to those bots, I was able to farm up 500 bloody coins for the Ashhide Mushan mount really fast. I would just stand at the entrance and slaughter them. The thick pile of skeletons was beautiful.

  • I got hacked in Cata. I didn't know because I didn't get on for a few days. Next time I logged in my account it got locked. I talked to Blizzard and ordered my authenticator right then. When I got into my toon I realized that I had locked the guy in the middle of a mining run in Twilight Highlands.

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  • The way you explained it, it's not Hacking but actually Phishing. Which is entirely different.

  • I was on crusade against bots on my PvE server once. I was Alliance, farming for...something, I don't remember anymore (probably a LW recipe or skinning blue dragonhide or something), and the only things that dropped it were blue dragonkin in some elven ruins in pre-Wrath Azshara. It took a whole afternoon to really understand that the three kill-stealing Ally bastards that were making my hunt impossible weren't being controlled by people. It was my first exposure to actual bots, I'd never even heard of them before, but I pieced it together by their behavior and refusal to react to my presence in any way.

  • Got hacked back in BC. Was gone for only a few days and returned to my character in Netherstorm with nothing but the armor on her, and a few hundred gold on hand but the bank was empty. They used my main to do quests for additional gold. Back then mounts and battleground badges were inventory items and it was just soul crushing to lose years of work in an instant. Had to mail Blizzard a massive list of everything I was missing. Even gave them the honest amount of gold I had at the time (under 2k). After a few hours waiting, they returned all my lost goods, and gave 3k bonus gold from the hacker lol.

  • I had my account in wotlk hacked into because of curse.

  • 5 hours for 100 gold ? what are u farming boars in elvin forest?! the gold was hard to farm but that much just sell herbs and leathers

  • I found one of those bots in modern WoW. It was in Highmountain, it was a Tauren Druid, and this was before Legion flying was a thing. I was just running around and farming herbs and this guy took it before me. I didn't think anything of it until he swam off into the sky. Again, this was before the Broken Shore was playable so Legion flying wasn't a thing yet.

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  • Why would anyone buy gold now when you can buy a token for $20 and sell it for ~180k?

  • In Wrath, one of the botting things was the botter was under the actual play area and you would be flying over Sholazar Basin and herbs were literally being sucked up from underneath so u never saw who was doing it to report 'em. I remember during that time the instance of the flying mages zooming at ten times speed across Northrend as some exploit had been found to fuse blink into flying or something goofy like that. I do remember the Alterac Valley wall hacking that became a menace of that time especially for the horde who could get out of the corral area during the 2 mins waiting area so by the time us alliance were pouring out they were all nearly to the top ready to wipe out our commander :( Wasn't all gloom, remember the first Alterac Valley when the death knights had just been released and in them days you could chains of ice and then death grip and in the middle of Alterac it was like 80 death knights just death gripping each other and not actually fighting hehe

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  • If that was your vanilla screenahot of your naked character ... I played with you in vanilla .. I have screen shots hanging out with some some with the same name .. might b a different person but that's neat :)

  • I had a buddy that got hacked.  he didn't really play much so didn't notice for awhile.  The hackers leveled him up to max level.. I think 70 or 80 at a time.  They used him to bot mine.  Well, at some point, they receiving character they sent to the ore to got banned and but there was tons of ore that never went claimed by that account so eventually, it came back through the mail system to my friend' character.  He ended up receiving thousands of gold worth of ore returned to him that way.  Best hacking ever.

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  • The body advertising was happening even in cata, maybe even into MoP. I remember logging on to a new toon and seeing level one humans in northshire running at a fence and disappearing. Confused me for a while until I got to stormwind and saw the bodies spelling stuff out on the ground.

  • I was hacked back in TBC. At the time I wasn't a part of any fan site. I didn't even know what addons were yet. I was level 70 and in AB when I got disconnected. I quickly logged back in and everything was fine. A few minutes later I dc'd again only this time when I went to log back in, it said my pw was wrong. Once I figured out what happened, I reached out to Blizz. The next day they sent me an email telling me my account had been suspended for using a "speed hack bot". Apparently the person that hacked my account, used it to hack other accounts. I don't even know how many emails I sent to Blizz trying to explain that I was a victim as well. Finally I gave up and bought another copy of wow and made another toon. After about 4 days on my new toon, I got an email from Blizz telling me my old account and characters had been restored. They did their best I guess, but I lost so much. They also gave me 1g per level for all my toons. Back then the authenticators were $5 and had to be shipped to you. I didn't log in at all until mine arrived and I had it attached to my account.