The Problem with 7825 - Numberphile

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  • Published on May 17, 2018

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  • Look, another seemingly arbitrary number to use as clickbait! Classic Numberphile ;D

  • I have synaesthesia only where numbers are concerned. As a child, I was trying to find a way to make the numbers add up in such a way that their respective colours would blend to give me the correct colour for their total. I quickly ran into the same problem you guys did.

  • lol blue and red makes purple, so 7825 is purple, silly mathematicians

  • Probably my favorite guy on Numberphile.

  • That blue pen appears rather green

  • I have to do some calculus exercises...

  • I love these classic Numberphile videos where James Grime talks about one particular number

  • it doesn't look blue because it's on brown paper.

  • What, a new Internet Comment Etiquette AND a new Numberphile video at the same time? is it Christmas already??''

  • That blue pen didn't look very blue to me

  • I always get excited when James grime is on numberphile

  • I bet I could do this for a^3 + b^3 = c^3

  • ...and those two days of supercomputation probably cost more than 100$ :)

  • Ramsay theory : The formula to find lamb sauce.

  • Fine example of a Parker Grid at

  • The colour that blue pen produces is as blue as people hear Yanny.

  • I can feel 7825. When I go somewhere where everyone is having a good time, everything stops when I get there.

  • Absolutely loves James Grime, always a pleasure to see him featured on Numberphile again.

  • I found a pattern where a^2+b^2=(b+p)^2 made pythagorean triples if p was a factor of a. (lowest factor being 2 if a is even)

  • That Rubik's Cube, though. Argh! Needs... solving... quickly... before my heart... argh... help!