The Skill of Humor | Andrew Tarvin | TEDxTAMU

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  • Published on Jun 13, 2017

  • Humor is something that transcends most barriers. It is a common unification; a concept understood by all. Despite this, there exists a large portion of the population that does not think they can utilize humor. Andrew Tarvin will show you that everyone can use humor. Andrew Tarvin is the world’s first Humor Engineer teaching people how to get better results while having more fun. He has worked with thousands of people at 200+ organizations, including P&G, GE, and Microsoft. Combining his background as a project manager at Procter & Gamble with his experience as an international comedian, Andrew’s program are engaging, entertaining, and most important, effective. He is a best-selling author, has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and TEDx, and has delivered programs in 50 states, 18 countries, and 3 continents. He loves the color orange and is obsessed with chocolate. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx
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  • Hey girl,

  • “When something goes wrong with computers, we get error message but when something goes wrong with people , we get 'feelings' . ”

  • He made me blow air slightly more furiously out of my nose more than once in this video, he is a funny guy

  • It was not surprising to learn he used to be a nerd. He's actually still one, or at least has a typically nerdy sense of humour, cleverness over emotions. It's an intellectual sense of humour rather than an emotional one.

  • "ERROR! Unable to establish connection with server" HA! That's Brilliant!

  • This is now my favorite talk.

  • Z M 

    “ Are you a vertical asymptote, because your beauty has no limits !”

  • I’m pretty damn funny when I’m in the right mood. The other 99% of the time, I’m the most boring person ever.

  • I started dating my boyfriend because he would tell me nerdy pick up lines. It's the right kind of humor. Wrong kind of female.

  • I didnt know chandler did TedTalks

  • Those math pickup lines tho! 0001f602

  • I also look at the world and constantly think "WTF"

  • That waitress joke was clever :'D

  • "Way Above Average, dont be Mean" killed it !

  • Dear commentors

  • At the end of it, I was thinking: What is wrong with this talk?... The audience :) At one point only one guy is laughing 0001f602 The rest is lost in thoughts about their grandmother!

  • Wow That's Fun

  • It is true that you can learn humour, but certain people just naturally have it more than others

  • Well, the only thing I can say is: WTF!

  • On a date with a waitress..