The Strange Killing of Ken Rex McElroy

Sitene ekle
  • Published on Feb 23, 2018

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  • I guess the moral of this story is, when the whole town decides you ought to be killed, maybe you should take the hint and leave!

  • Ryan... You believe in demons and will bring holy water with you.. that seems extremely religious hahahahah

  • Head injuries can completely change a persons mental state. A man in Ireland who’s frontal lobe cortex was pierced with an iron pool and survived, changed from a friendly, happy person to a bad tempered and unpredictably violent person, so head injuries can lead to many mental illnesses and changes that can lead to psychopathic tendencies in later life.

  • Getting shot in the shoulder is usually excruciating and a pretty bad place to get shot. The joint and socket and all the tendons, nerves, connective tissue, etc in the shoulder are crazy hard to reconstruct if you go getting them blown apart, not to mention the major arteries all throughout the area and it also being a pretty thin skinned low muscle low subcutaneous fat part of the body... Maybe it'd be okay (-ish, haha) if the bullet got you in the bicep or deltoid, lodging itself into the muscle only... I think it'd be 'best' (least worse? Lol) to get shot in the buttcheek if anything, hahaha, but even that's still super dangerous! At the end of the day, guns are meant to hurt and kill, so there's no real 'good' place to get shot, but if you

  • "How about we start a town watch?"

  • Certainly a different 'feeling' from this episode. Normally when an episode finishes I feel kinda creeped out by what has transpired. With this episode, I feel uplifted. Great show as always :)

  • ken mcelroy gets murdered

  • 19:16

  • Wow, an entire town hated one person so damn much that even law enforcement teamed up with civilians to ultimately become bonded in this murder. I love it! This is one of those rare cases that is best left unsolved... McElroy terrorized everyone and had no respect.

  • I don’t mean to be rude, but it might be wise to discount the testimonies of his “good qualities” made by his wives as they were likely manipulated as they were so young when he “married” them and likely aren’t mentally well.

  • braggadocio

  • I don't think I should say this, (but I'll say it anyway) McElroy kinda deserved being killed. I mean, he did around 57 crimes and didn't lose any except for one!? Unbelievable. But at the end of the day, he would've died anyway, from getting old, or some other reason.

  • When law enforcement fails, vigilante justice not only becomes inevitable, but is morally justifiable.

  • Ken McElroy is dying in the middle of the street

  • I’m glad this is unsolved. Whoever killed him doesn’t deserve to go to jail.

  • I loooooove small town killings

  • He had it coming

  • Honestly, I just feel bad for the wife!!! I mean, she probably felt so confused and lost, and being there, seeing her husband shot, abusive or not, it must’ve been so traumatizing. I hope she got support, and she and her family was able to move on.

  • The mental image of 60 people silently and unanimously deciding they would no longer put up with such an evil force and carrying something else like that is equally chilling and uplifting. I'm surprised a really good movie wasn't made out of this.

  • Let's be honest if a guy like that got shot in front of me.........I ain't seen nothin.... I ain't hear nothin.....