The Thrilling Gardner Museum Heist

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  • Published on Feb 2, 2018

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  • Wait... I live in Ireland..

  • It was me. I needed something soothing for the bathroom. Only a Rembrandt would do.

  • Had to be an inside job... or the dumbest security guard ever.. ✅0001f602

  • So a security expert comes in and sees their whole setup, and knows when they're going to be updating it, and then they get robbed RIGHT before they update it... hmmmmmm

  • Police: We suspect that this was an inside job and believe you may have helped the robbers

  • I love the new addition of reenactments! It’s like one of those ID shows but with less stuffy hosts.

  • Isabella Stewart Gardner wasn't just some "rich person" who deserved to get robbed. She was a woman who spent most of her life collecting beautiful art pieces and then built this museum after her husband died to show it to the world. She could have just hung them up in her house but instead she built the museum and even hosted many different artists and performers, she gave some artists a room to do their art and she gave people the opportunity to perform in front of guests. Before she died in 1924, she requested that nothing about her collection change because she loved it so much. Every art piece that is there, she collected herself while she was alive. The robbers weren't the good guys, they stole precious art pieces that a women loved and wanted the world to see.

  • Buzzfeed Unsolved should have missing persons posters in the background or something. Imagine all the people that would see them. Maybe someone would recognize one.

  • Lesson learned:

  • This Is The Least Creepiest Buzzfeed Unsolved EVER. And I like that

  • Shane's glasses are rocking my life.

  • OKAY stealing from museums is not stealing from the rich, its stealing from the public. The literal point of museums is to give average (not fabulously wealthy) people access to fine art that would otherwise be hanging in some rich dudes house/private collection.

  • Considering how bad this security guard is at his job, isn't it reasonable to assume that he blabbed to friends, and that's the reason he "couldn't recall their faces"? He didn't wanna snitch on his friends...

  • Bruh if thieves tried to rob me, I would search with them0001f602

  • The security guard say "u look familiar" what if it was a ex security guard there" ..that's one of the reason why they knew where the alarm botton was.

  • Why did the museum continue to employ this guy if he continued to break such an important part of protocol.

  • It's nice to see one where no one was brutally murdered.

  • Soooo did he make it to the Grateful Dead show

  • The robbers must have worked there. They knew the cameras would be down

  • These idiots keep saying that they only stole from the rich. But the lady that collected all this art and had a beautiful museum built to house them left them to the public. It was a public museum. She wished people to enjoy and draw inspiration from it forever. So it's not a victimless crime, and certainly not some Robin Hood BS.