Three Messerschmitt Bf/Me 109 First Formation Flypasts over Germany after End of World War 2!!

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  • Published on Oct 7, 2018

  • Please, click subscribe, like, leave a comment and SHARE! Thanks!!! ^_^ More info about this video see description below. Name of event: Hangar 10 Fly In 2018 (http://www.hangar10.de/) Date of record: 27.-28.09.2018 Location: Flughafen/Airport Heringsdorf (EDAH), Usedom - Germany Aircraft: Messerschmitt (Me) Bf 109 G-6 ("Schwarze 8", "Black 8", D-FMGS). Bf 109 G-14 (Hispano Aviación H.A. 1112 M1L Buchon, ex C.4K-31, "Winkel schwarze 2", "angle black 2", D-FMGV). Bf 109 G-12 (Hispano Aviación H.A.-1112-M1L Buchon, ex C.4K-169, "Gelbe 27", "Yellow 27", D-FMGZ). North American T-6G Harvard Mk.IV Pilot/s: Klaus Plasa (Bf 109 G-6) Mikael Carslon (Bf 109 G-12) Volker Bau (Bf 109 G-14)
  • Three Messerschmitt Bf/Me 109 First Formation Flypasts over Germany after End of World War 2!! etiketleri



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  • I bet if they fly over England some old dudes would have flashbacks

  • I have waited a long time to see something like this. It is almost magical! To have the time and money to put these aircraft back in the sky, wow! When you see them fly you can understand why so many young men wanted to be pilots.

  • It´s quite sad to see that the red star which stands for an ideology that killed 30 to 40 million people is still used and glorified, but the swastika causes snowflakes and liberals to go into cardiac arrest...

  • 32 dislikes are Spitfire Pilots

  • Shoot down that yellow crap .

  • Looks like the EU has finally got its own defence force up and running now

  • Two DB605 in the air is a FANTASTIC achievement! I will however never fully understand the purpose of these mixed formations... Couldn't they just let the two BF-109's fly alone? Why add the Buchon Merlin and the Texan radial engine to the formation? Not very accurate, and more importantly, the different planes steal spotlight from eachother. They are all beautiful machines and deserve the very best exposure! (As for the "fake swastikas" ...this is as close to being historically correct you can get in Germany, since this symbol is banned there. This is (in my own eyes) a good compromise.) Thank you for this video! Love the DB605's!

  • Absolutely wonderful to see them fly again.Take careful care of them please!

  • Merlin engined 109's dont look quite right ,pity there aren't more DB 605 engines available.

  • 2x 109 and Hispano Aviación

  • God bless sacred Germany.

  • Such a beautiful aircraft

  • I hate the censore they put on the tail

  • Einige Einstellungen ohne diese amerikanische "Postflugzeug" wären wirklich wünschenswert.

  • My Uncle (RIP) was an 8th Air Force ball turret gunner. He drew pictures from hand and sent them home. His picture of a 109 was fashioned to look like a cigar......Great to see these old birds in the sky. Even though they tormented my Uncle Willy in his dreams for decades.

  • Toll, danke für die Aufnahmen.

  • Superb, what a sight and sound..I am an avid Spitfire fan, but I also have a passion for all WWII aircraft and their histories. The 2 seater, is it the aircraft used in the filming of the BoB and which Adolf Galland and Robert Stanford-Tuck flew? Excellent video, many thanks.

  • Magnificent!  Hangar 10 is to be congratulated for the fine work and authentic restoration/reproduction using the HA-112 airframes and ultra-rare DB-605 powerplants. The pilot of the early 'G' model and a principal of Hangar 10 conducted a workshop discussion with a video at this year's 2018 EAA AirVenture, which I attended and asked questions of them. The pilot indicated other airframes are currently available to them for building up to bf-109 standards for future projects.

  • Was sind das für "Pfosten" die hierzu Daumen nach >UNTEN drücken, das ist ja Grotesk & Pervers!!!!