Top 10 Game-Winners of 2012!

Sitene ekle
  • Published on Jan 1, 2013

  • See the ten best of the best game-winning shots of 2012! Visit nba.com/video for more highlights.
  • Top 10 Game-Winners of 2012! etiketleri


  • Rose hits a jumper to beat the HOME team and the crowd goes nuts! Lol.. poor Milwaukee.

  • i remember the chicago vs knicks one. when anthony hit that shot me, my mother and my sister jumped and screamed. the greatest knicks moment of my life

  • Wow no Kobe, man you kidding me... i swear to God the nba people who make these video's hate Kobe seriously.

  • Nice video but what about Kobe's fadeaway vs the Raptors and his hand-in-the-face three-pointer vs the Hornets. Pretty clutch shots if u ask me

  • 10 should be 1

  • I think Jenning's shot should have been higher

  • Carmelo Anthony's 3-pointer should have been much higher. He had Loul Deng on him and he is a really good defender and he is a couple of feet beyond the ark.

  • 1:49

  • What says the comentator just after the shot?

  • 3  years past still didnt find song

  • Still here searching for the fricken song

  • At number 4 even the suns fans were cheering

  • Omg how I miss the year 2012

  • durant's face at the end is the same face i do when i pass the test but didn't study.

  • What about Kobe?

  • 7AM 

    even though i am biased and like melo... melos buzzer beaters against the bulls should go down in history for Two of the best. 

  • Kevin Love's shot was really easy. He was wide open. There was NOONE near him

  • name of the song pleasee if someone knows!

  • the linsanity