Tüm Dünyanın Ağladığı Sporda Duygusal Anlar ● Top 12


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    Tüm Dünyanın Ağladığı Sporda Duygusal Anlar ● Top 12

  • Please pray for our brothers who were affected by the earthquake and tsunami

  • Someone's cutting onions...

  • that rugbyfuneral ceremony was epic, yet very sad.

  • The whole world didn't cry when Germany smashed Brazil 7-1, that was just Brazilians.

  • Hakka always gives me goosebumps

  • 8:06

  • The first moment that make me cry because the death of David Astori

  • Humanity is the stability of the world

  • When human remembers humanity, this is how beautiful it can be

  • Totti ayrıldığında ne aglamistim bee :(

  • Allah sporcular başta kimseye sakatlık vermesin inşaallah

  • In gymnastics the spotter stands there to come get if she accidentally falls, not to JUMP BACK holding his arms behind his back looking at the poor girl like "oops"

  • People say men don't cry

  • i cant lie that Brazil vs Germany match was hilarious

  • David astori0001f623

  • No clue why the Brasilian supporters are in this video! Not from Germany, but the Germans kicked their asses, with beautiful football. No comparison to the other clips..

  • Great warrior....respect LOMU