Top 15 Emotional Farewells In Football ● LEGENDS Saying Goodbye

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  • 2019 I think Rooney will retire.

  • But the farewell of lker Casillas he really deserve it more I feel sorry for him0001f592thumbs up who agree with me

  • Barcelona knows how to give a Farewell

  • When Messi retires, football ends for me0001f4940001f62d

  • The way Casillas had to leave was shameful. Can never forgive Madrid for that.

  • Who disliked this video? Truly heartless!

  • Zlatan not retires , He retires retirement.

  • When xavi left i was half dead then iniesta left i am fully dead 0001f622 i will not watch football after messi

  • All these incredible players had a well deserved farewell , only Casillas 0001f6220001f622 this make me feel bad for him he's such a good goalkeeper he deserved better .... Shame on you Real Madrid

  • I can't imagine the day when leo messi will finish his career

  • End of an era.

  • I will never forget the night when Ronaldo and Messi retire.

  • football is not just a game

  • You forgot the other german legend: Miroslav Klose. Pure hard work and incredible drive to score goals.

  • Jugadores que no puedes odiar

  • Thank you Buffon and Iniesta!

  • Messi, please never retire....

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    madrid cheated iker casillas

  • Goodbye our Juventus legends :'(

  • When CR7 and Messi retire I'll only watch football every 4 yrs to support my country.