Top 15 Emotional Farewells In Football ● LEGENDS Saying Goodbye

Sitene ekle
  • Published on May 22, 2018

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  • Top 15 Emotional Farewells In Football ● LEGENDS Saying Goodbye etiketleri


  • MercurialRacer 7
    MercurialRacer 7 8 months ago

    Who disliked this video? Truly heartless!

  • goku ssj god
    goku ssj god 4 months ago

    Baggio,del Piero,grosso,Maldini, Totti, Buffon........i want my Italy back...😭😭

  • Mehdi Ghziel
    Mehdi Ghziel 4 months ago

    I can't imagine the day when leo messi will finish his career

  • James Rodriguez
    James Rodriguez 5 months ago

    When xavi left i was half dead then iniesta left i am fully dead 😢 i will not watch football after messi

  • Brice Folly
    Brice Folly 4 months ago

    Just imagine the day Messi and Ronaldo will retire 💔

  • Muizz Khan
    Muizz Khan 8 months ago

    2019 I think Rooney will retire.

  • diana karenina
    diana karenina 4 months ago

    Iniesta had the best farewell

  • Ungke Suleh
    Ungke Suleh 4 months ago

    Real Madrid don't know how to treat their players... even for their farewell...

  • tri hartono
    tri hartono 4 months ago

    Where is J. Zanetti? Paolo Maldini? P. Lahm? His farewell was, also very emotional and he is a legend all!

  • Sand K
    Sand K 4 months ago

    Oliver Kahn..... Toughest German wall.

  • Vishwas Kalra
    Vishwas Kalra 5 months ago

    When Messi retires, football ends for me💔😭

  • Abdullahi Hirsi
    Abdullahi Hirsi 3 months ago

    Steven Gerrard legend 👊👊👊👊👊

    KAI•XD ML 3 months ago

    Now . We know that barcelona can make the greatest Farewell

  • Abbygaming1
    Abbygaming1 3 months ago

    i miss iniesta more than anyone i feel he was the best midfielder the world he bought memories

  • Javier Trejo
    Javier Trejo 4 months ago

    Totti 3 Jugador de un solo club ❤️

  • 11 maggio 2001
    11 maggio 2001 8 months ago

    End of an era.

  • Ucan Saeppudin
    Ucan Saeppudin 3 months ago

    Totti OneManClub 💪

  • Caren Hapuk99
    Caren Hapuk99 3 months ago

    Can't imagine the day when king messi is retired

  • 10,000 Subs with 10 vids !

    When Ronaldo and Messi retire which is sadly not long we’ll have to relay on talent like Mbappe will never be same without that Messi Ronaldo rivalry

  • Tatenda Chikonaz
    Tatenda Chikonaz 4 months ago

    CR7 & Casilas deserved more from Madrid