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  • >>>Marks

  • I love HitFilm 0001f44c0001f3fb It's an amazing program

  • Don't use WeVideo. The watermark isn't worth it.

  • Hey guys, did you enjoy the editing in this video? Let me know how I can improve! Ziovo and I worked pretty hard on this video :)

  • If you're reading this I love you

  • Legend says that if Ziovo replies he will have 1 million subscribers in 1 month

  • How about a free Photoshop alternative video? Like a real one. I know you are going to include GIMP in the end. But I want better options. Something that can do at least two things that Photoshop can: understanding layers and understanding the outline of an object that I want to cut out of an image.

  • I already use lightworks!!! lol

  • How about the editor that is implemented in YouTube itself? Sure, it's basic, but if your computer is low on memory and you don't want to download anything, and your just starting out, I'm sure you could manage.

  • do top Free Banner/ profile Picture Makers!

  • I was looking for new editing programs yesterday and now ziovo posted thanks man!

  • Great video Facts5 & Ziovo! VideoPad is also a good option for a free video editing software!

  • Ziovo please can you reply to me

  • does the last one have a watermark

  • ''Mac and PC'' ~Ziovo 2016

  • Ziovo please please bring back YoutubersOfTheMonth......plzz plzzz

  • CONGRATS ON 300,000 subscribers

  • Thanks so much dude! I'm making a vid on Lighworks right now.

  • Maby you should try a gaming channel youll never run out of ideas then :)

  • Why no Davinci's resolve in the list?