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  • The curse of internet

  • Ok. So the Unknown Users are basically Glitches in Real Life,from what I could understand From this mess?Also can we just Appreciate how bad the Emotions were played in that One Scene where the Girl's Mom Dies?She's like "Nooo!" But its that "No" of a 10 Year old Kid when getting 2nd Place in Fortnite

  • “Dude this is dark web!”

  • so I basically just watched the whole movie lol

  • They basically showed how everyone dies.

  • "You didn't ask for it... so here you go."

  • Unfriended 3: Xvideos

  • do they know how computers work

  • Unfriended 3: Zucc's revenge

  • I sure hope that there will be a YMS review on this one

  • They had it coming they still use Skype

  • This is so cheesy I can actually taste it.

  • That's not at all how the dark web works in the slightest. And from what I've seen in the first film, this will be an uninspired sequel cash grab with characters somehow dumber than in the first one. Anyone that thinks this and the first one are filmmaking marvels are clueless and need to think for themselves. Anybody who finds this movie spectacular or terrifying is either mentally challenged or a child.

  • I got an unfriended: darkweb trailer ad before watching a unfriended: dark web trailer

  • The thumbnail gave me aids

  • Well is trailer saved me a movie ticket ,and popcorn ... i pretty much watched it 0001f602

  • Unfriended 3 : Despacito

  • So after the first death exactly what stopping the group to call the police?

  • 'If you turn of the laptop, you die'.I'll take my chances mate, EastEnders stars in a few minutes

  • Jake paul is in the movie, but I dont see him in the trailer. This is confusing.