VACATION did not go as planned : (

Sitene ekle
  • Published on May 3, 2018

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  • VACATION did not go as planned : ( etiketleri


  • Lashan
    Lashan 9 months ago

    That intro was everything. Props to Dan god damn

  • The Enthusiasm Project

    This whole opening sequence is basically perfect.

  • CeeGee
    CeeGee 9 months ago (edited)

    What are the changes of being a frog in Bermuda, just chillin' in the middle of the night when suddenly Casey Neistat comes up to you to scratch your back. No one of his frog friends is gonna believe him...

  • Philip Baldassini
    Philip Baldassini 9 months ago

    Casey don’t apologize for spending time with family it’s more important then you tube man. Sorry it rained on your vacation. Also you editing is on a new level with the 368 brigade.

  • TheMoldyPotato
    TheMoldyPotato 9 months ago

    Intro was so sick 👍

  • Zachary Booth Vlogs
    Zachary Booth Vlogs 9 months ago

    It HAS to be really annoying to drive past your camera just to go right back and pick it up

  • sea crow79
    sea crow79 9 months ago

    the drone flying trough the furniture on the way out...awesome! rain sometimes is a bummer. thanks for sharing some of the family moments casey. another complete 368 day...

  • JamesKnechtel
    JamesKnechtel 9 months ago

    In no way was this a bad video, incredible as always!

  • Sammy !
    Sammy ! 9 months ago

    “Maybe he’s pooping”

  • Andreas Hem
    Andreas Hem 9 months ago

    What.... Did Casey Neistat just use my GTA MAP Effect?!

  • Just Willy 101
    Just Willy 101 9 months ago

    The most important thing was that your baby girl and your wife spend time with you and you was there for them God Bless!

  • Danielle Tamega
    Danielle Tamega 9 months ago

    Candice is my favorite part of the video! :)

  • Jonathan Arena
    Jonathan Arena 9 months ago

    "It's basically like a Tesla, only the company that makes these is actually profitable"

  • Jake Roosenbloom
    Jake Roosenbloom 9 months ago

    I miss seeing the adorable Francine cheeks on camera!

  • BananaBread
    BananaBread 9 months ago

    Francine, you small nugget of happiness!

  • Anna Kosiek
    Anna Kosiek 9 months ago

    Cinematography on point!

  • JockAU 9999
    JockAU 9999 9 months ago

    That wasn’t a frog it’s a Cane Toad. They secrete poison from their backs. Please don’t touch it! Super dangerous with skin contact!

  • helloMegs
    helloMegs 9 months ago

    Casey’s bad video is better than my best video. 😔

  • Veridian
    Veridian 9 months ago

    Francine should drop a mixtape soon

  • John Basedow
    John Basedow 9 months ago

    Great editing, especially in the intro. Plus, as I always say, the mark of a good vacation is finding a frog in the rain. 💪🏼 🐸